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Meet Melissa

Welcome! I’m Melissa, a Vegan Dietitian, wellness enthusiast and mother of one. I am passionate about delicious food, slow living and sustainability.

A former nurse, I became an Accredited Practising Dietitian in 2014 and have my own dietetic clinic on the Gold Coast.

I have specialist knowledge in plant-based nutrition and disordered eating. As an ethical vegan, I really enjoy working with people who are looking to eat more plant-based foods and find the right variety of plant-based foods suitable for their individual needs.

I also provide nutrition counselling to help people break free from chronic dieting, food worries, binge eating and body dissatisfaction. Nothing makes me happier than helping folks find peace with food and experience the freedom that comes with adopting a more gentle approach to food and movement.

If you are looking for compassionate, non-judgemental nutrition counselling, please get in touch!


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